Tiny Artifacts

by Atlas and the Astronaut

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Tiah Keever
Tiah Keever thumbnail
Tiah Keever I first heard A&TA when attending a friend's band show in Vancouver, WA (not Canada). Lots of fun energy and solid tunes. Since then I've seen them several times, booked them twice and every time I see them they just keep sounding even better! Last time I saw them I had so much fun that someone stole the tape I had just bought from them. Who steals tapes? Jerks, that's who. But these guys aren't jerks. So buy their cds or digital whatever or tapes if there are any left!
Beau Rosser
Beau Rosser thumbnail
Beau Rosser Yeah, I bought my own album. What of it?

I'm extremely proud of this record and all of the songs on it. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy it.
Brian Walker
Brian Walker thumbnail
Brian Walker I'm super excited to finally hear this. I've been following the band since their very early days, and it's great to see them get this album out.
jason andersen
jason andersen thumbnail
jason andersen i like these men. first two tracks kick ass looking forward to the whole album Favorite track: Enter the Sun Beast.
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Tiny Artifacts is Atlas and the Astronaut's debut, full-length album

All songs written and performed by Atlas and the Astronaut
Recorded @ Supernatural Sound Studio & DRD Records
Engineered and Mixed by Javier Canteras
Produced by Donnie Rife, Javier Canteras & Atlas and the Astronaut
Mastered @ Pushe Mastering by Julian Pushe
Artwork by Bentii Bisson


released November 25, 2014

Atlas and the Astronaut is:
Matthew LeMieux [electric guitars]
Casey Aspengren [bass, noise]
Lucas Goughnour [drums, acoustic guitar, synth]
Beau Rosser [vox, lyrics]

Ft. Madeline Mahrie on piano (戦闘の色)

Thank you to our friends, family, and DRD Records

Special thanks to the Portland music culture and scene, including:
Manx, Autonomics, A Happy Death, Dead Remedy, Machine (Madeline Mahrie), Bubble Cats, The Hoons, Outer Space Heaters, Grandhorse, Smoochknob, Slutty Hearts, Trick Sensei, Foxy Lemon, A Killing Dove, Hidden Knives, Shanahan's Pub & Grill, The Analog Cafe, Slabtown, The Foggy Notion, Firkin Tavern, CouvFest NW, Big Ass Boombox, Ash St. Saloon, Dante's, East End, Record Room, Alhambra Lounge, Hellsrom's Hive, Hivefest, and all the other bands, bars, and venues we've forgotten

Much love,
AatA 2014



all rights reserved


Atlas and the Astronaut Vancouver, Washington

Fueled with mythic yowling and their own wily futuristic-heavy aesthetic, Atlas and the Astronaut brings surprise and passion to a growing crowd of melted faces in the Portland, Oregon area.

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Track Name: On the Shoulders of Giants
Of Ismaros, Apiko, and Pixl their daughter. Of a Beast born on a ship, and I am the father. Of love and loss and children for slaughter. Of a Beast with crystalline features and seductive saunter.

They'll tell this tale for years to come.

I sold her snake oil seed from my body. Infecting the girlish figure from the beach. I need to kill what I've made, and oh god how I've tried. But you'll wrap the fiber wire, for my arms are tired.

They'll tell this tale for years to come. Of a girl whose parents died—giving her the strength to fight my son, my creation, born after the flight.

And their love, it was in the air. Ismaros and Apiko had a girl that'll be the savior to us all. It was fate. Fate brought us to this place. She had pink hair, swinging her sword in the air. She had black hair, swinging her sword in the air. And the Beast will die by her hands, yeah it'll die by her hands.

Pixel perfect tiny artifacts; snuffing out the Collectors at the benefice. I couldn't kill what I made, oh god I tried. The Beast's phthisis was Pixl and sword harmonized.
Track Name: Snake Oil
"You wrap the fiber wire around her neck, for my arms are tired."

I had money lining pockets with influence. It was bursting at the seams from selling human beings augmentations of mechanical means. The house was built with stairways going nowhere and why. Closets in closets in closets in closets... dosed on chemically-fused supply.

With each line of her stroke; transhumanistically joked.

I saw the Woman where the flowers met the sand. She wore a blue-green dress of batik and a fair-skinned trend. The court was easy in a pinstriped vest and a cinching of my tie. Passing vagrants with her perfumed fragrance, turning innocence into mine.

With each line of her stroke; transhumanistically joked.

And I whispered in her ear, with a snake-split of the tongue,

"Don't worry, baby. I'm gonna come."
Track Name: Ismaros + Apiko
They met at the coin arcade, with the implication to get laid. He had the stalk to persuade. Rolling eyes, she was ready to play. They grabbed her jacket and made an escape. Sharing flirts while night turn to day. He kissed her lips and made his way. Into the sunrise, grasping his blade.

She loved him.

Weeks later he betrayed the cause. To be with her was his only thought. She packed her bags, and they'd depart. On his record was laborious blot. With abandonment the bounty was set. $40,000, alive or dead. The Willow wept and hired Den, who was known as Cruciverbalist.

He hunted them down.

Den followed marks and tracked the prints. Finding puzzles of their movement. The pattern placed was not complex—rotating instigation. A boarded flight and a child killed. Troubled times and terror-filled thrills. Den heard stories and chose his path, ruining dreams of lantern-light laughs.

And that's how her parents met. Through cautious winks and solemn vow threat. A future flight and a taken life. A Woman's fear and a Mother's dread. Ismaros, Apiko and the bounty on their heads.
Track Name: Flight I
The story's spread across the sheet of paper, like a crook without a cause. Twenty-six, twenty-five, twenty-four, now hit the floor. Among the cluster of sticks and twigs, I stand with the game rigged to win. Club in hand, now it's time to land this one. Forgive me this day, it was the only way to get things going.

Time to board the ship that's set my path underneath the match. Number One, let's get the ball rolling.

"Dodge now!"

They're yelling excuses through a heart-shaped piece propelling to the front of the cockpit. Insert the key and lock it. Among the trapped ones, pick the kid that looks the most beautiful.

Lift him up, for all the people to see and know that his star is rising. Worship this boy, for you saved his life. Throw your head back - it'll be in the epitaph. Distortion of time and place has made this bed a grave.

The angels sing, but do you hear it?

Don't be surprised when they come to claim. The linoleum is where the blood was stained. The metronome clicked and the clock rang - for it's too late to back out of this fight.

The beautiful boy, you've taken his life.
Track Name: Enter the Sun Beast
It was born into a child like vibrancy. Impregnated with the ocean shimmering. A mother to a babe of blues and greens, smitten in the eyes of a teen.

A mother not ready to carry the Beast, but that's what the traveling Man gave her between the sheets.

A haunting growth from nine months between a scheduled trip to a new form of celibacy. And the fire in her chest suffocating the life she deserves cut short from the pretense.

A mother ready and willing to carry the Beast, yet the Man threatens to end her life with ease.

A trip to safety coming sooner than expected, to the corner of the flight she retreated. Ismaros - a father - fearing for his wife, accused the wrong demon on board and took its life.

Tension and water breaking - hyperventilating.

As the sweat runs down her brow, she's gotta push from the hips. Push, push from the hips. Biting down on her lip. With a subtle drip of blood running down her chin. She's letting the love of the Beast in.

Erupting from the mother's hips, enter the Sun Beast, preaching stories didactic.

Flies move at six frames per second. Stop-motion fragmentation.

With the knees giving out to the flow of failing anti-bodies.
Track Name: Weight of a Hummingbird
We're been spinning in this room. Heads lost in quilted looms. The curtain opens, she's on display. Her hazel eyes fill me up. Deep in soprano cup.

She's music to my ears.

There were rows and rows of paper lanterns. Colors bouncing off the walls in a cross-stitch pattern.

I wrapped my hands around her waist—forming a perfect embrace.

The weight of a hummingbird with unified hearts beat—flitter, fluttering in sync. She is me, and I am we.

And the way she spins. Oh, the way she spins had me convinced it would be ok if this was the end.

Is this the end? I'm sure it is.
Track Name: Flight II
You killed that boy when we ran from home; you cast your net to cover my throne. I need you now more than ever my love. Apiko, you've become my drug. A raspy voice saying, "Hon I'm tired. I can't keep the pace while I'm with child." If we stop now, we're sure to be found. Fatigue for the quail of black and brown.

He wants a family but he can't, because he killed that boy before that boy became a man.

Collectors' pact is a lifetime vow—fight for the cause: past, future, and now. Number Two file the termination; keep me apprised of all the information.

I swallowed the glass and formed a sphere ornament in my stomach.

Been walking alone; lost her on the road. I.D. on the shave; hazel eyed for days. More than ever my love, you've become my drug.
Track Name: Kings With Plastic Masks
Somebody help.

And it's tearing through the streets, fiery motes from dragging feet. Brilliant smoking stacks of defeat. Mountain-melting mammoth fleets. With a grimace of the face, as they hide behind their masks. Chiseled cheek bones shaping casts of chuckling nervousness from its wrath.

Projected missile system caused an ever flinching disruption of all signals down for the count. Collectors: always on the rebound. And it's pealing off they're skin—all the itty-bitty children. Tiny artifacts who've sinned; now dealt the Beast's torment.

And the Willow whimpers cool-headed, now distempered, "End this nonsense at the source." Failing the functions to recourse. Hematic hipbones shattered. From the weight of a hummingbird, a flight then birthing of a girl to be trained in the art of this world.

The Collectors sit in their towers, while the Beast ravages the land. Thinking, "What can we do to stop this? When our authority dries up like sand."

Somebody help.
Track Name: I Am Pixl
She was born into a fugitive family. A loving mom three terms she was traveling. Father cared for her when mama passed, though that year happened to be his last. A running and spring in the step; rhythmic pulsing growth of the quadriceps. A father/daughter relationship forged by the passing of the mother from daughter passing through her hips.

And they'll run from him. Hey! Hey! Hey!

He was wanted by the law of the land—baby strapped to his back in tan swaddling. Evaded tracking by the man named Den; double-backing once, twice, three times on its end. A lilted beating thump in his chest—pink-haired smile, hazel eyes removing all the cynical fits. A father/daughter relationship forged by the passing of the mother from daughter passing through her hips.

And they'll run from him. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Erupting from the daughter's lips, I am Pixl, proving prophecies correct.

And they'll run from them. Hey! Hey! Hey!
Track Name: Webs We Weave
Alone in a room. White walls and geometrical shapes, no sense of space, except vegetation spread along in a trace. Fill up my mouth with mountains; easily sliding down my throat like fountains.

Desensitized to malfunction as bright light flickers on leaves. Through a two-way mirror Den sullenly itches with the webs they weave. Willow whispers, "Train the girl, collect the debt that was payed." Tree-trunk alcoves house a sword teaching orphan to flay. Fill up my mouth with mountains; easily sliding down my throat like fountains.

I bet you thought your training was over. I bet you thought this was for free. I bet you thought our love was mutual.

But I was paid a substantial fee.
Track Name: 戦闘の色
"Keep me strong." Speaking snippets by the water.
"Child, you're wrong." As if I was his daughter.
"Bare them fruit." Antlered child at the alter.
"Little girl." Is all that it uttered.

"I told you to beg."
That's when the Beast faltered.

Things aren't black and white, no there's blues and grays and greens. Pink-purple shades of life, and the colors in-between. Emotions are a construct, and I feel everything.

Metal clashed inferno, blazing yellow almonds. Saturnine accusations of those opiate diamonds.

"I am heaven, I am hell. The pieces of everything, girl." Trial by fire, try I will. Water from the well I'll distill.

"Oh where oh where did my bird go? I thought I clipped her wings? I swear, I swear on the sheets, a pink-haired stain remains."
Track Name: Flight III
She's calling me with her siren song, bellowed sweetly in my ear. She's calling me with her siren song, saying, "Sun Beast have no fear."
Track Name: Tension & Release
I've lost my arm in the battle; digital swipes leaving limbs untied. Versus the Beast, you procure the plasticized. And the church was burned down - a million kids' static bones charred on the ground. It skinned the young ones down.

And he said, "Baby, your lips are red like an apple, just give me one nibble."

"Now step back, Beast. I am Pixl."

Little boys turned to plastic toys. Oh, how their parents cried from the Sun Beast's prepubescent genocide. It skinned the young ones down.

And he said, "I was born, and the earth did tremble."

"Bitch please. I am Pixl."

It's all done - this'll end the collection of tiny artifacts.

Grafted trophies suffocated by the fiery fiend. I took a stab in the dark from the blasphemy. Lava like blood was gushing, while I serried slashes liberally. I skinned the bad one down.

And he said, "With everyone you love dead, I'm the only thing left!"

Then I cut, cut that Beast to death.

I hope this letter reaches you in the after dark. To place your thoughts on the canvas of remarks.

"Dear Mom and Dad, I did this for you. I slaughtered the Beast for you. Decorated my sword in membrane for you; I did everything for you. This is the last you'll hear from me."

Then I cut, cut the Beast to death.